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Bridal Shower Centerpieces


Welcome to Boysenberry Crafts, a place where I can show off my crafty side!  I have a passion for taking simple items, adding a bit of creativity, and creating something fabulous and completely unexpected!  I hope you enjoy my ideas and crafts!

One of my most recent projects was centerpieces for my friend, Nicole’s bridal shower.  As her maid of honor, I was excited to contribute to her bridal shower planning.  The bridal party had decided to give the centerpieces away as prizes during the shower, so I wanted to make them not only useful, but desirable as well (and pretty!).  I was bored with the idea of potted plants or flowers.  The shower was in March, which meant we had very limited choices in fresh floral.  Aside from daffodils and tulips which were out in the stores for Easter, there wasn’t much to choose from.  (Not to mention that daffodils and tulips didn’t match our purple and green decor).

Being a lover of “themes”, I decided to take the flower idea to the next level and create bouquets of cooking utensils and silk flowers (that matched our color scheme).  I bought a package of plain, wooden kitchen utensils at Bed, Bath, and Beyond fo $3.99, some silk flowers for about $5 per centerpiece, a meauring beaker from Home Goods for $2.99, and ribbon for about $2.99.

When I started assembling the centerpieces, I discovered that I needed something to weigh them down. I had debated on using floral stones, but they were so expensive. Instead, I decided to stick with my “kitchen/cooking” theme and weighed them down with dried pasta.

I made a special centerpiece for Nicole’s head table for her to take home as a present. For hers, I used a Food Network measuring cup from Kohls, more silk flowers, an array of inexpensive purple and green cooking utensils from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Home Goods, and pasta. My favorite piece in her arrangement was the dish scrubber shaped to look like a gerber daisy. It matched the silk gerber daisies in the centerpiece perfectly!

After I finished making the centerpieces, I had a few leftover wooden spoons, silk flowers, and ribbon. I purchased small glass vases from AC Moore and create small centerpieces for the food and beverage tables.

Everyone loved them! They were useful, affordable, and creative. Everything a centerpiece for a party should be!